Hand-made Fragrance cups from Koishiwara


If you feel like you have enough green tea to sustain you (but is this even possible?), then you need to try one of those exclusive hand-made cups. They were made using the Takatori kiln style, in the town of Koishiwara in Fukuoka prefecture, famous throughout Japan and for the quality of its china. With its 400-year history, Takatori pottery has long been loved in Japan as a tool for tea ceremony.

This cup is the result of the collaboration between Onimaru Hekizan the Second, a worldwide renowned potter master who also exhibited in Europe, and Kiya Yasuhiko, a tea master in Yame who is also a member of our network of producers. 

As shown by this NHK report, these cups are celebrated in Japan for their extraordinary design, similar to a wine glass. This shape and the special clay that the potter uses enhances the flavor and fragrances of the green tea that you pour in it, whether cold or hot brewed. The lip has a fantastic 0.5mm thickness; the mouthfeel of the cup dramatically affects the taste of the beverage. fThis design received a patent and The Wonder 500 award. This is something every green tea lover has to experience. To try it is to adopt it!

The cups come in three colors: white, red and deep brown, and are packed in a wooden box ornate with hand-written calligraphy done by Onimaru san's mother. Their thin wall and colorful glaze are characteristic of Takatori pottery stye. At Onimaru san's kiln, the production process starts by mining the clay, then preparing the wood ash and straw ash carefully by hand, and finally baking the items in the flames of firewood kilns. The result is a tea cup that can stand the test of time.

Since each item is entirely hand-made, the shape and color of the final product may differ from the photos. Thank you for your understanding.


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