what is ikkyu ?


Highest Quality Green Tea from Japan

IKKYU green teas are all of impeccable quality, we only focus on premium grade teas. They are picked and processed with the utmost care by our partner producers who pack them on site before supplying us.

Whether you are looking for delicious teas to drink every day, or some more exceptional and rare brews, IKKYU green teas are just for you.


IKKYU offers you a wide and diverse choice of Japanese green teas. Many of them are still barely known overseas. You will find here teas as different as matcha, tamaryokucha, organic sencha or dento hon gyokuro : the king of all green teas.

For many of them, it is the first time that they are made available to customers outside Japan.

Personalized Advice

Our dynamic and experienced team is at your disposal, and will handle all your inquiries, directly from Japan.

Are you looking for a specific tea? A particular taste? You have questions about the health benefits of green tea? You would like to make a gift but don’t know where to start? Drop us a line and we will get back to you right away.
Hand picked Gyokuro in Hoshino (Yame) where Japan's most famous dento hon gyokuro is grown
‍A.Bloise -2017

what is IKKYU ?

Take your time

IKKYU means « one break ». This is a great way to understand what it means to enjoy a delicious cup of one of our exceptional green teas from Kyushu.

Drinking a cup of hot or chilled green tea is something worth taking time for. It is a well-deserved break in your day, in your busy life. It is a time for resting both body and mind because preparing a cup of green tea the right way requires that little more concentration and focus.

This is a key aspect of Japanese traditions and culture in general, as illustrated by zen meditation. The good news is, you don’t need to be a Zen monk to enjoy our green tea, far from it !

Speaking of which, there is more to the name of IKKYU than simply taking a break. Ikkyu is also the name of a Japanese monk who lived in the 15th century and who played a major role in the spread of green tea in Japan.

We truly invite you to discover the joy and pleasure found in the simple yet important steps of brewing green tea. And when your cup is ready, take the time to enjoy the delicate balance of its aroma and tastes.

We took great care into bringing you easy, but precise  step by step instructions, with brewing details given by each producer. Have a look  here if you haven't done yet. You can even download all instructions in PDF.
Under the summer heat , picking leaves at Higashi-Sonogi, Nagasaki prefecture
A.Bloise -2016

what is IKKYU ?

at the discovery of Kyushu island

Taking this time for you is also a great way to connect with the tea farmer who has spared no efforts to bring to your table the result of many years of hard work. We are proud of our close partnership with so many enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who are delighted to share their knowledge with you.

From the start, it was important to our team to introduce them properly because there is nothing more important today than understanding where such a fine product comes from and who has poured their heart and soul into it. 

IKKYU is all about discovering the amazing beauty of Kyushu, this large island in Southwestern Japan that takes the breath away of anyone who travels there. From the North to the South, the West to East, our tea farmers grow many various cultivars and kinds of green tea, making the best use of its wide range of diverse climates and geography.

Through our teas, but also our original photos and videos, we invite you to discover this blue and green jewel where the sea, the tea fields, the forests and the sky seem always to blend together...
Breathtaking view of Mt. Kaimon (called little Fuji-san) in Chiran. You can see all the tea fields stretching to the sea.
A.Bloise -2014

what is IKKYU ?

Social Impact

Finally,  Japanese green tea is not just a healthy and satisfying beverage: it is also all about the people behind it. Generations of tea farmers and specialists  who, today, must fight to preserve something special, that demands hard work,  time, know-how and dedication in a world that seems to have no longer any patience for that.

At IKKYU, we recognize the incredible importance and value of such efforts, and this is why we are proud to help those devoted farmers reach out to a foreign audience who has still so much to learn about green  tea.

Yes, we sell green tea, but through that, we also hope to support local communities with our efforts, at a time when domestic demand is decreasing  because of the aging of Japanese society.

We hope to have a positive social impact with our work, and that our customers will also see the human value found in their delicious cup of tea.

Through the stories of the producers working with us, through our pictures and testimonials, we wish to introduce  you to a lesser known Japan, full of wonders and traditions that can inspire  all of us.
Ohyama san watching our tea leaves picking performance at Higashi-Sonogi, Nagasaki prefecture
A.Bloise -2016


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