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Dear fellow tea lover,

As our community grows, it’s time for our next step. One month from now, by mid-October, our revamped shop will go online, using a new platform.

Think of it as a tea boutique refreshing the walls and changing its furniture to make it brighter and easier to stroll in. Change is always easier when you're prepared!

More convenient, more features for you

First of all, don’t worry! No need to update your bookmarks. Our website ( and our shop’s address ( will stay the same.

Faster and with more features, the new IKKYU online shop will make your tea shopping experience more convenient:

  • A faster and easier way to add products to your cart and quick checkout
  • Wishlists
  • A reorder option
  • Loyalty points generating 5%, 10% and 20% coupons
  • Clear and quick view of products and reviews
  • Prices in USD, CAD, EUR and some other currencies depending on your location
  • More mobile friendly
  • And much more to come !

We will take care of moving all your contact information from one platform to the other, as well as any loyalty points you may have so far.

What should you do ?

For obvious security reasons, current account passwords cannot be exported to our new shop. To recover your loyalty points and account information, you will have to activate your account, using your usual email associated with your IKKYU purchases.

This is very easy: on the launch day, we will send you an account activation link. Insert your new password and that's it ! Of course, this can be done anytime directly on the new shop.

We'll add 500 points to everyone as a thank-you gift for your patience. We will also post a video and explanations as well, and you can always count on us to help you should you have any issue.

You are a customer, but don’t have an IKKYU account with loyalty points? No worries, now is a great time to claim them before the launch.

Click here and sign up to our loyalty program, with your usual order email address, so that all the points associated with it are carried over when you activate your new IKKYU account a few weeks from now.

If you need help, we're here for you !

As an IKKYU customer, you know how much we value your experience in our shop. We are always thinking on how we can serve you better in any way possible. Of course with all migrations, there can be glitches here and there. We’ll be working around the clock to fix them ! Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions. We also decided to hire Marcello our actual CEO and Stephane's cat to smoothen the transition. He will explain some of the steps with a swift paw and tender look. How cool is that ? 

Don't worry, I'll help you out, I most certainly have an engineer degree in IT and will make sure to keep Aldo awake during the next weeks...

Why change our shop platform ?

Our current shop platform has become too time consuming for us to maintain and was slowing us down for many other exciting projects related to our core passion: green tea! Finding new teas, visit our network of producers, taking pictures and sharing content with you is our prime motivation. We are a family-run business and each of us has many hats (but who doesn't? it's 2022).

This new platform not only will bring you new features and an easier way to find and read about our products, but also allow us to seek new exclusive teas for you.


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