Online food tours in Japan


With the world taken up by storm by COVID, travelling to Japan in 2020 has turned out to be impossible. Luckily, we live in digital times, and there are great ways to dive into the rich and wonderful culture of Japan thanks to immersive online experiences.

One of them is ARIGATO JAPAN , a tour company that focuses on Japanese food - what is there not to love about that? When ARIGATO JAPAN contacted us to see if IKKYU could partner up with them when it comes to green tea, the idea appealed to us right away. Any chance for us to introduce Kyushu green tea and broaden the tea-tasting horizon of green tea lovers is a wonderful opportunity.

Like IKKYU, they are a young and dynamic company (established in 2016 in Tokyo) that has grown fast and strong, and from a one-person project, it has now a team of 70 dedicated food enthusiasts who will take you to the best food places in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima, with tips about food etiquette and tons of useful information about food culture and ingredients.

And now, with the current situation, they have taken several of their tours online  Joelle joined their online green tea session recently. She loved how much passion and knowledge Lauren, the host, poured into her presentation, and it was a great way to connect with green tea fans in Italy and the USA.

IKKYU and ARIGATO JAPAN plan to further down their collaboration this year by listing more and more tea shops in Japan where you can enjoy a delicious bowl of matcha or a steaming cup of sencha. You can already find a first selection here !

So whether you’re already planning your 2021 trip to Japan or wish to experience something authentic from the comfort of your home, we invite you to check their tours out and see what they have in store for you!


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