The Shincha 2021 is available!


An early and promising harvest has started !

Step by step, depending on each region and type of tea, our tea producers are releasing the 2021 vintage of their flagship teas, made from the youngest leaves of the first flush of the year. Don’t miss the unparalleled taste and aroma of shincha!

Young tea leaves just 2 weeks away from harvest during our visit at Tsuru san this year.

The first region on the starting blocks is always Chiran (Kagoshima), but this year, thanks to warmer weather, several Kyushu producers in northern Yame (Fukuoka) and Saga are already able to roll out their new teas… and we couldn’t be more excited about that!

Joëlle & Jana enjoying Mitsue 2021 that arrived just moments ago
A wonderful color for this deep steamed competition Sencha

Producers who need their leaves to be tested to get the JAS organic label need a little more time, as do those who produce shaded tea (kabusecha, gyokuro, white tea) or that depend on it (matcha, made from shaded tencha leaves).

Like always, we will release the 2021 edition of our teas as we receive them over the next days and weeks, and you can easily find them on this special page here: Make sure to check it out regularly!

To celebrate, we made a special wrapping design. Perfect for a beautiful tea gift!

We expect the demand to be particularly high this year, so we will work twice as hard to process your orders. Don’t forget to use our special 10% off discount, valid from April 20 to May 20. Coupon : SHINCHA2021

The second plucking will begin at the start of May, and so we expect that our entire selection will have transitioned to the 2021 harvest by the end of June.

Enjoy our teas!


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