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After launching our video section, we are excited to introduce our new Learning Section on IKKYU tea where our teas will get an in-depth review and tasting guide.

Over the past decade, during our green tea journey, we had the chance to meet many tea producers. Visiting the tea fields of these talented people, drinking their teas brewed with source water near their crops was an incredible experience that we wanted to share. We also met tea instructors and sommeliers who shared their passion and knowledge with us.

We learned and are still learning, and our experience naturally shaped our palates based on their recommendations. See, in Japan the wording differs a bit from let's say  While we approached green tea by following on their footsteps, we understood that this was not the only tasting grid we should offer.

Handmade teaware at Takaki san's tea shop
Enjoying a cup of Kabusecha from the hands of Takaki san

This is why we wanted to create a space where different experiences meet, debate and most importantly share the endless ways to enjoy tea.

As you know at IKKYU, our brewing instructions are suggested by the producers themselves. We don't change them as we would like to offer you the taste the producer has meant from the start. Keep in mind that like wine, tea is a living product and weather conditions and ageiing of the tea plant will affect the taste year after year. Keeping the quality and taste constant and even improving it is truly a .

But we also understand that sometimes the proposed steeping parameters may not reflect your own expectations or may hide a note that YOU would like to express in a stronger way. That is why we started thinking about how to bring different approaches together.

Sometimes you only need to read about a subtle tasting note to completely re-discover a tea you thought you knew so well. Changing the brewing time, temperature or even the teapot or cup may transform the taste and bring different notes you would not imagine. We

For this we teamed up with Yuka san, our friend and precious tea instructor here in Fukuoka, and Alex Ahearn in the USA, who already shared with us his passion and knowledge.

Not only will they share their impressions, different steeping methods and tasting reviews, but also suggest food pairings for your preferred teas. Getting the most of each tea we offer is always an objective we strive to, and now thanks to Alex and Yuka we are delighted to add this new section. We whop that you will enjoy as we did the incredible quality and pace of their reviews !

Hoshinomura valley in Yame


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