Find Out How to Choose the Right Green Tea from Japan


Traceability: a Key Factor to Select Your Green Tea from Japan

Maybe you are new to the world of green tea from Japan or already a passionate lover of this delicious beverage. Maybe you want to buy green tea online for your personal pleasure or are looking for a Japanese tea wholesale partner. Whatever your situation, it can be difficult to pick the right product and right supplier of high grade green tea.

The universe of Japanese green tea online shops is growing up steadily. Traceability, especially for Japanese organic green tea, should be one of the key factors in your decision.

In general, it is best to go with a shop that is transparent about where their green tea comes from. At IKKYU, we focus on teas grown and processed in Kyushu (south-west Japan). Others source their teas in areas like Shizuoka (near Mt. Fuji) or Uji (near Kyoto). If you can make sure that what is labelled "Japanese green tea" comes from Japan and not China, then it's already a step in the right direction.

Irie san's organic tea field in Yame, high in the mountain to avoid any possible contamination

The People Behind Your Teas

Understanding where your premium green tea comes from is very important. It is even better when you can learn about the people behind your steaming cup.  The tea farmers work hard all year long to bring you their products. Are there any names, any pictures on the shop? For you, as a consumer, it is a great way to make sure that your product is made according to sustainable principles.

This is why IKKYU chose from the start to put the people at the center of our venture. Selling a product is important, yes, but supporting those who pour all of their know-how into those delicious leaves also matters.

Dento Hon Gyokuro fields in Yame
Master Kiya San, in front of one of his Gyokuro fields.

Choosing the proper Japanese tea ware should follow the same principles. While not everything is hand-made anymore, it can be good to know where your cups and tea pots (kyusu) were made. And in case of doubt about where those beautiful accessories come from, never hesitate to reach out to the shop owners.


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