An original Japanese Kimono for you


We’ve got something new and unique today!

Thanks to the talented team at ATELIER KABUKI here in Fukuoka, we’re launching a new handmade pouch for two of our steel tea canisters. Made exclusively for IKKYU from kimono obi (belt) fabric roll, each pouch is unique and comes in limited quantities.

The story behind this idea was submitted by Reiko-san, a friend of ours and sometimes precious aid at IKKYU when she heard that our current canister pouches would soon be unavailable. Indeed, our supplier informed us last year that unfortunately the company sewing them would soon be closing. Purchasing only the fabric would have been an option, but the minimal quantities were too big for us.

Different pattern and colors
with intricate details
...and stories

Reiko san had friends who had recently started their hand-sewing business, and maybe would be able to make similar pouches. On top of it, she brought several rolls of unused kimono silk fabric she bought a couple of years ago. We were delighted! Not only we could use something absolutely unique, but also work with Atelier Kabuki, a project managed by several retired ladies who wanted to find a new challenge during these Covid times.

These rolls are about 13 long each and are used to create the Kimono belt (OBI)

We met them and submitted our idea while enjoying a cup of fresh tea, and discussed the details of the process. Single or double lining? How about size and thread color? And please, more tea. We spent a wonderful moment sharing energy and a common enthusiasm about the idea of recycling unused kimono fabric to create an original and beautiful product with another story to share.

Atelier Kabuki and IKKYU at work !
Choosing the first roll
And admiring the pattern of the fabric

The result is even better than what we imagined. Every time we wrap a canister into this pouch, we admire the patterns that change several times over one meter, knowing that once a roll is finished, there will be no more of these, as we will use another one roll, with other patterns.

Hand sewed exclusively for IKKYU

The reason behind we were able to get ours hands on the kimono fabric used for "obi" (belts)" is that unfortunately, creating tailor-made kimono has become exclusive and very expensive. Not to mention the traditional craftsmanship that is also fading due to the lack of interest from the younger generation to take over.

We hope that you will like these original 100% hand-made pouches as much as we do, and treasure them as they should.

At the moment, we pair them with our Golden Canister and our Black and Gold Canister (100% recycled steel, made in Japan).

A wonderful pairing (click on the image to go to the product)
100 % hand made in Japan

Check out these beautiful items that give a new life to traditional kimono fabric! You can click on the items above to go directly to the product details.

And some more images, because we can't have enough of then :)

The level of details is soothing
These silk rolls are signed by the traditional makers would cost over 1,000 USD like this one
On this one, a complete story in Kyoto unfolds over one meter, before repeating itself.


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