Welcoming visitors from the USA to Yame green tea fields


On May 25, our team had the pleasure to introduce two US visitors to producers from Yame who collaborate with IKKYU.

Jade, who manages WAOTEA in California, had contacted us ahead of her trip to Japan. She was looking at sourcing options for organic green tea from this area of Japan to offer to her customers, and hoped to have the chance to meet with producers during their stay. Jade organises yoga and meditation groups all around the world, and for her, green tea is one of the best ways for her participants to focus and meditate.

A woman stands in a green tea field in the mountainous area of Yame, Fukuoka, Japan.
In the fields

On a warm and sunny day, Stephane and Aldo were happy to bring Jade and her husband to the fields of Irie san in Kuroki, and then to the processing plant of Koga chagyo in Yame city. 

Jade and her husband had the chance to learn more about the particularity of Yame green tea, the various processing methods for making delicious sencha, gyokuro and matcha, but also the constraints and challenges of growing organic tea.In the fields

Here is what Jade had to say about her experience:

"Stephane and Aldo of Ikkyu Tea were incredibly helpful and ressourceful for us during our trip to the tea region of Yame. They are making it incredibly easy for a small tea company to connect with local tea farmers. With their help, we were able to visit beautiful tea gardens, meet with tea farmers and they were able to assist in translating from Japanese to English and French. Their knowledge and experience is inspiring and they both are very fun and outgoing humans. We are feeling blessed to have met them and are excited to be back!"

IKKYU looks forward to welcoming Jade to Kyushu again in the future!

Two men and a woman discuss about green tea growing and producing while standing in tea field in Yame, Fukuoka, Japan.
Discussing with Irie san (son)
Two hands holding a handful of soil in a green tea field in Japan.


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