Our Houjicha just arrived for summer !


In Japan, the rainy season has started, bringing along high levels of humid heat. Hot summer days are here, but green tea is one of our secrets to get through it. It's best to continue drinking hot tea, of course, because even though it sounds strange, your body needs warm beverages to handle heat.

But it's also the perfect time to brew your favorite tea with cold water. Yes! Green tea can become a delicious, refreshing and healthy drink to enjoy all day long, that everybody in the family will love because it's flavorful with no trace of bitterness.

There are many ways to prepare the perfect summer drink, whether you're a matcha lover or loose-leaves fan. Cold matcha is super easy: two spoonful in any kind of container, cold water, shake it - and here you go.

For loose-leaves tea, you either brew your tea as usual, then let it cool down and add ice cubes, or you can use one of our popular cold-brew filter-in bottles to prepare up to one liter of green tea goodness that you can store for up to one day in your fridge. Ready in less than an hour.

We always recommend our shiraore IKKI, tamaryokucha ISAO, high-grade sencha AYUMI or REN for a wonderful and refreshing cold-brewed result, packed with flavors. Today, we are delighted to introduce a brand new green tea perfect when cold brewed: the delicious organic houjicha, JIRO.

Made from first harvest kukicha (shiraore), JIRO is of the highest quality. It's produced by Irie san, the skillful tea farmer behind our organic sencha JUN, and who grows his teas at top of the Yame mountains.

A glass of cold-brewed organic houjicha JIRO (loose leaves) -
its beautiful red color testifies of its premium quality.

Houjicha is a staple green tea in all Japanese households and is getting increasingly popular all around the world. You can enjoy it throughout the day, including during meals. JIRO is available in 100g loose-leaf bags but also in powder (50g), perfect to fix yourself a cup of houjicha latte (hot or cold), or for baking sweets. More information about houjicha here!

Homemade houjicha Latte


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