Matcha, matcha everywhere and so many drops to drink!


Know your matcha!

Matcha latte, matcha chocolate, matcha cheese, matcha cakes, matcha nuts: matcha everywhere! No stone left unturned - the frenzy has spread to all corners of the food and beverage industries. Matcha has a beautiful colour, and is packed with nutrients and vitamins that our bodies ingest completely, because it is powdered tea leaves. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibres: it's a real healthy drink.

But let's face it: what you'll find in a matcha protein bar or matcha smoothie in the dairy aisle your supermarket is quite different from what a tea master will use during a traditional tea ceremony. Making matcha is hard work, and uses only the leaves of the first and second harvests of the year. Sometimes it's even ground by hand. Here is what real matcha looks like (IKKYU's AKINA, matcha from Yame), guaranteed without additives or preservatives:

Matcha green tea powder from Yame
AKINA - High-grade matcha from Yame (Fukuoka)

When prepared with hot or cold water, matcha is rich, thick and powerful. But it is also bitter. This is why usually, they serve you traditional wagashi before a bowl of matcha: sugar-based traditional sweets. It's also why matcha latte or smoothies will often be very sweet.

Today, we would like to propose you an easy recipe to enjoy your next pack of AKINA in a refreshing, easy way, without any sweetener. Perfect for the hot summer days ahead of us and packed with flavour!

Iced matcha with lemon and mint


10 fresh mint leaves (adjust to taste)

fresh juice from a 1/4 of lemon (adjust to taste)

4 scoops of matcha

100 ml filtered water


Instructions: Muddle mint leaves, lemon juice and matcha in cocktail shaker. Add water and ice. Shake and serve. 

Its taste is as powerful as its colour.

Oh, and by the way, if you live or travel in Kinross, Scotland, stop by Unorthodox Roasters, a coffee shop run by coffee and tea experts. They serve IKKYU matcha and will be happy to talk with you about it!


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