Shipping and delivery of orders
in the context of the Coronavirus situation


Important Changes in our Worldwide Shipping Policy (as of April 10, 2020, Japan time)
The global crisis generated by the COVID-19 virus has changed the lives of everyone. Here at IKKYU, we are working hard with all the tea producers who collaborate with us to continue our operations and provide premium and exclusive Japanese green tea around the world.

Because of drastic cuts in commercial flights between Japan and the rest of world, as well as disruption of postal services everywhere, the Japan Post stopped accepting Small Airmail Packets (SAL) for all destinations on April 1st (and parcels that had not left Japan at that date), as well as all types of parcels for nearly 160 countries as of April 9, including EMS.

This called for necessary changes in our free shipping policy and choice of freight forwarder. As of today, IKKYU collaborates with FEDEX to deliver retail and commercial orders worldwide. Therefore:

- All orders benefit from FEDEX International Priority service. This means that shipping time will go from an average of 10 days (before the crisis) to 1 business day for the US West Coast, 2 business days for Europe. This is even faster than our previous EMS service (5-7 days on average).

- IKKYU covers a part of the shipping fees, therefore customers pay a progressive rate starting as low as 9 USD/8 EUR (depending on your delivery area) thanks to special rates exclusive to IKKYU.

- Free shipping is available for orders starting from USD 150/ EUR 150.

We are truly grateful for the supportive and understanding emails that we have received during the past days from our customers all around the world. We are committed to go through this unprecedented crisis while offering everyone an even better service.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and we hope that you and your families stay safe.

The IKKYU Team
Fukuoka, Japan


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