Shincha 2020 Takaki san

In this new gallery, we are glad to take you to the tea farm of Takaki Akihito san, in Hoshinomura (Hoshino village). Takaki san has been one of IKKYU's partners since the start, and his premium deep steamed sencha HIROKI, dento hon gyokuro HIKARU and more recently, his white tea HAKUSEI are among our customers' all-time favorites.

Takaki san combines passion and talent to bring us incredible green tea, applying techniques developed for gyokuro to his sencha as well.

For example, HIROKI is made from a very rare cultivar, Fujimidori(藤翠), and its leaves are shaded for a week before harvest. This cultivar is different from the one with the same name from Shizuoka, and it boasts an incredible vivid color and delicious umami.

Takaki san is a leader among Yame tea producers and works hard to bring exceptional green tea to customers all around the world. IKKYU is honored and privileged to collaborate with him.

In this gallery, you can find pictures taken by Takaki san himself during the first harvest 2020, and other taken by IKKYU during the last years. As you see, the picking is done by older ladies, that know exactly which leaves to pick. At the end you can discover his new white tea field and fresh brewed tea.

Enjoy the video with an oversight of the small Hoshinomura valley in Yame, famous for its Gyokuro. See one of the tea fields of Takaki san providing IKKYU Tea with his  Gyokuro (Hikaru), a deep steamed Sencha (Hiroki) and all new White Tea. Hard work for the first harvest of green tea ! (courtesy of the video : Akihito Takaki)

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