The beauty of southern Kagoshima.

Today we take you to Minami-Kyushu, a town in Kagoshima, the southernmost prefecture of mainland Japan. Home of Chiran tea, it’s where all our Kagoshima green teas come from. The weather is mild, the sunsets and sunrises absolutely breathtaking with sunlight bathing in golden, pink and orange hues everything around you.

Tea fields wherever you look, dense and ancestral forests on steep hills that only wildlife can explore, and on the horizon, the shimmering liquid silver of the Pacific ocean with the iconic shape Mt. Kaimon, a volcano dubbed ‘little Mt Fuji’ by the locals. With ash clouds from nearby Mt. Sakurajima covering the ground on a regular basis, the soil is rich and fertile, perfect to grow delicious and sweet green tea.

For us, this is where everything begun, where we stepped into the incredible and complex world of green tea, where close friends introduced us to the first passionated, skillful and hard-working producers who would later join the IKKYU project.

Few tourists get to go down to this remote area as it is still hard to access, so enjoy this up close and immersive dive.

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