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Autumn in Higashi-sonogi, reflections near the temple overviewing the tea fields

No distraction

The way it should be

We have designed our website with one goal in mind: bringing you, our customers all around the world, closer to our tea producers in Japan and to an authentic green tea experience.

Nowhere else will you find such close and personal portraits of the the people behind the green tea production. You will also be able to visit with us the wonderful western island of Japan : Kyushu ! Mild climate, incredible nature and scenery but certainly most importantly : generous and welcoming people. We will share even more in the coming months as we will publish the notes, videos of our on-going travels in the realms of Green Tea.

Our second wish was to offer the best user experience by imagining and developing a coherent visual system that hopefully will make it easy for you to discover and enjoy green tea in our website.

Have you noticed ? No intrusive pop-ups, no flashing ads...We want you to feel at home, go on reading, enjoy the original pictures, sip the best cup of green tea around and share it with us.

We will make sure to tell it to the producers, they will love to hear about it !
Ikebana in display of a famous pottery maker near Saga
A.Bloise - 2016

visual guides

From website to labels

As you may have noticed, every tea has its own color identity. We put quite a lot of thinking on these by considering the tea type, it's processing and color after brewing.

These colors will follow your tea on several parts of the wrapping up to the last label and will help you to recognize immediately the type of tea you have.

That way you will easily find if needed instructions for brewing each tea type without error.

Visual guides

Your wrapping is also a clue...

As with the tea type and unique color, each tea region will have i's own specific washi paper pattern and color.

Although at first it may seem a bit difficult to differentiate them, you will soon get used to these and will immediately be able to recognize a new tea in your preferred production area.

Complete information

Everything at hand

All throughout the website you will find the needed information about your product and brewing instructions, its origin with a complete presentation of the production area as well as the portrait of the tea grower.

All this information is available online of course, but also inside the wrapping of your tea, including the recommended preparation instructions given by the producer himself.

And even if you lose the leaflet, you will find a quick reminder on the back of your tea back a well as a QR code to access to the product information.

From there you can also download the leaflet for print if needed.



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