Green Tea: More than a drink

Green Tea

A Whole Universe

IKKYU the Magazine is your new source of information about the amazing universe of Japanese green tea.

‘Ikkyu’ means « one break »: enjoying a steaming cup of tea should be all about taking some time for yourself. Slow down, have a cup of tea – and take a trip to Japan!

Green tea is a delicious healthy drink, but not only.

It is a world, a culture and a way of life that are worth exploring – and this what IKKYU the Magazine is here for.

In the minds of many, Japan and green tea are closely associated. Images of powerful samurai and elegant geisha pop up alongside a bowl of emerald matcha. But green tea is actually much more than matcha, and is definitely for everyone!

Embark on a journey of discovery

Discover the land of some the best green teas in the world: the hidden gem that is Kyushu island, in the southern part of Japan.

Our editorial team is based in Fukuoka, at the top north of the island, and so we are in the perfect location to bring to you all the wonders of the seven prefectures that are just waiting to be discovered.

Through our travel blog, short stories, pictures, videos and interviews, IKKYU the Magazine will introduce you not only to some of the most rare and delicious tea varieties and the hardworking people behind them. We will also celebrate the beauty of a region that captures the essence of traditional Japan.

Our goal is to light up a sparkle that will make you want to jump on the first plane and experience it first hand. Welcome to IKKYU the Magazine, your key to unlock a new world!

Welcome to Kyushu !

Videos from
& about Kyushu

Find here below some videos showing the exceptional beauty of Kyushu island, its rich story and legacy ! Nine prefectures to visit all year round : culture, leisure, nature all at hand.

Chiran Tea, Kagoshima Prefecture

April 27, 2017

Hyperlapse Fukuoka City, Japan 4k (Ultra HD)

April 27, 2017

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