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A little help for starting the right way

Whether you are a fresh beginner to the world of green tea or enjoy a wealth of experience, our recommendation sets are here to help you discover some of our best teas. 

You will find three categories here: our Starter Set will hopefully mark the beginning of a long love story between newcomers and green tea from Kysuhu. Our Fragrance Set will appeal to all of you who look for delicious aromas and tastes. And finally, our Umami Set will delight those among you who love the power and rich taste of umami in some of our most premium sencha.

Whatever selection you choose, it is our pleasure to add to your package three samples from our other sets. Don't be shy! Try our recommendations today! And should you need a personalized recommendation, you can always contact us, we would be more than happy to help you out.
$ 38
Buy this selection and get samples of three other teas
(value : 10 $)

Starter Set

Ayumi 50g
High Grade Sencha
Ikki 100g
High Grade Shiraore
Toshiro 50g
Premium Kamairi

Ayumi is a tasty sencha very easy to brew and has great notes of umami. Toshiro is an organic kamairicha, with a nice roasted fragrance due to its traditional pan-fry production technique. And if you like citrus notes, you will love Ikki, a fragrant and sweet shiraore that requires only one minute of brewing.
$ 49
Buy this selection and get samples of three other teas
(value : 10 $)

Fragrance Set

Kiyoushi 80g
High Grade Tama ryokucha
Ren 50g
High Grade Sencha
Tomomi 50g
Premium Kamairi
Enjoy the incredible fragrances of this selection. Kiyoushi is a rare tama ryokucha whose fragrance will amaze you, along with its sweetness and powerful umami.
Tomomi is an organic kamairicha extremely refreshing and fragrant, with low levels of caffeine for a perfect tea break in the afternoon. Ren is a blend of no less than four cultivars that create a perfectly well-balanced sencha, with exceptional fragrance and tastes.
$ 63
Buy this selection and get samples of three other teas
(value : 10 $)

Umami Set

Aiko 50g
Premium Sencha
Rei 50g
Premium Sencha
Yoshiaki 50g
High Grade Sencha
This is an exceptional set of premium sencha from three different regions in Kyushu. Aiko is from Yame and has it all: sweetness, umami and fragrance with next to no bitterness, as well as a beautiful light gold color.
From Chiran, Rei combines four cultivars, including three only found in Kyushu. Its complexity, remarkable sweetness and powerful umami will seduce the most demanding tea lovers.
From Miyazaki, Yoshiaki is the blend of two rare cultivars, selected by one of the only tea Masters holding the highest grade in this field of expertise. High in caffeine, its umami is sure to delight you.



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